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Optimum's Better Wall

Super durable, yet lightweight aluminum provides superior resistance to rust and corrosion, while maintaining strength and beauty over the years. And we back up our claims with one of the strongest warranties in the business - Lifetime Warranty Protection!


In the current landscape of prioritizing sustainability and energy efficiency, the significance of effective insulation cannot be overstated. Introducing the Optimum wall with its groundbreaking insulated wall panels, which bring forth an unparalleled level of heat retention. This advancement translates to remarkable benefits, including potential savings of up to 25% per year on pool heating costs for Optimum owners. Moreover, the exceptional heat retention capability extends the swim season by multiple weeks, providing the opportunity to relish your pool well into early spring and late fall. This extended timeframe enhances your pool season, granting you the luxury of several additional weeks to revel in the joy of swimming.

Insect Resistant

Within the Optimum Pool wall design, a two-inch thick insulated foam core is skillfully enclosed between two sturdy aluminum sheets, creating a resilient "sandwich" structure. This foam wall material undergoes a treatment with a safe and non-toxic insect repellent, strategically thwarting nesting pests that could potentially harm the wall's integrity.

Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy

Experience the advantages of our water-based, environmentally safe 3M adhesive that provides comprehensive coverage. Benefit from superior thermal insulation, which not only retains heat effectively but also minimizes costs with an impressive R10 insulation value.

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