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PDC Spas® Swim Spa Series 

PDC Swim Spas and Fitness Spas are where innovation and fitness meet for a new approach to a healthier, happier lifestyle. 

Attain the enhanced health and well-being you desire through a PDC swim or fitness spa. Our wide range of dual-zone swim spa models, spanning 15' to 19', offers abundant room for exercise or leisure, featuring precision-molded massage seats for precise hydrotherapy. Compact 12' and 15' fitness spas seamlessly match any lifestyle. Embrace the myriad opportunities of year-round fitness, relaxation, and family bonding by welcoming a swim spa into your home.


With the TruSwim® patent-pending propulsion system, experience an unparalleled journey with the broadest, most seamless current achievable. The adaptable, consistent resistance and unobstructed fitness area are ideal for diverse activities and athletes of all levels. The Synergy swim and Vitality fitness series deliver potent currents for both fitness and enjoyment, while the RX6 massage column offers comprehensive relaxation for body and mind. Fulfill your aspirations for improved health and well-being with a PDC swim or fitness spa, boasting a diverse range of dual-zone swim spa models ranging from 15' to 19', complete with exercise or leisure space and body-contoured massage seats for targeted hydrotherapy. Streamlined 12' and 15' fitness spas perfectly complement any way of life, inviting you to unlock a universe of year-round fitness, tranquility, and shared family moments through the avenue of a swim spa.

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