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Optimum's Finishing Options

Are you considering the installation of a deck, pavers, stairs, or a deep end for your pool?

You'll find a wide range of stylish and contemporary finishing options to elevate your yard and enhance your summers, regardless of how you plan to use your Optimum Pool.

Get in touch with our team of experts to discuss your options. 

Together we can make your dream backyard a reality.

Customize Your Steps

ABS Steps

For inground applications, thermoplastic ABS steps can be installed with an attachment kit that integrates the step with the Optimum Pool wall. Or, pour-in-place steps, specially designed to work with Optimum pools.

Pour-in-place Steps

The Optimum can also be customized with an in-pool bench or sun deck, creating a relaxing spot to sit and enjoy the warm sun. Benches are available for every size and shape, and require special liners.

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