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Automatic Covers

For two decades, the Coverstar CS3000 automatic pool cover has established itself as one of the most dependable pool covers in the industry. By utilizing the CS3000, you can be assured that your pool is protected, and your loved ones are secure.


The CS3000 pool cover can be installed on any new or existing pool, regardless of its shape and size, and can cover pools that are up to 65-feet in length. With the CS3000, you can enjoy the reliability of a top-notch pool cover at a reasonable price. Our aim is to provide you with the assurance that your pool and family will remain safe, and that your automatic pool cover will last for many years. The Coverstar CS3000 comes with a 10-year limited mechanism warranty, as well as a three-year warranty on all aluminum extrusions and other electronics.

"Experience the Time-Tested Reliability of CoverStar CS3000."

Marine Grade Aluminum Mechanism

The Coverstar CS3000 mechanism is engineered with heavy-duty marine-grade anodized aluminum components and stronger ropes and pulleys than our industry competitors. The precision-machined parts and laser-cut torque limiter friction disk allow for smooth operation and years of dependable use.

Our Coverstar automatic pool cover models, including the CS3000, offer a range of standard features to ensure reliable and durable performance. These features include:

  • Sealed Motors: Coverstar motors are fully sealed to safeguard against weather and corrosion.

  • PowerFlex Ropes: With a 2-year no-break warranty, our PowerFlex ropes absorb shock for consistent performance.

  • Durable Fabric: Available in 10 colors, Coverstar's high-performance fabric provides UV protection, chemical resistance, and mildew prevention.

  • Heat-Sealed Webbing: Independent lab tests confirm Coverstar's heat-sealed webbing is more than twice as strong as our competitors'.

  • Keyed Safety Switch: Our keyed safety switch enables you to control your pool cover with a single touch, and with five control switch options and optional safety alerts, only authorized individuals may access your pool.

  • Sliders: Coverstar sliders are stronger and eliminate pool cover binding.

  • Gears: Coverstar automatic pool covers come equipped with oversized gears to prevent drive-train damage.

Color Choices for Covers

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