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Rent. Relax. Renew.


Discover Spaulding Saunas, your go-to for mobile saunas in Northern NY, offering unmatched relaxation and wellness.

Rent our Finnish Style Barrel Saunas for any occasion and embrace "Rent, Relax, Renew." Step into our elegant sauna, seating up to 4 which includes a tree deck and cool-down shower.


Sauna Benefits:

Explore heat therapy's magic with detoxification, stress relief, improved circulation, and muscle relaxation. Bask in soothing warmth and unwind in your own private space.


Perfect for Events:

Elevate gatherings, weddings, corporate retreats, wellness retreats, festivals, and family events with our mobile saunas. What a great way to add luxury and relaxation and promote wellness and bonding.


What's Included:

Free delivery, setup, and sauna startup within 20 miles of our Malone Store. Additional $4.99 per mile beyond. Enjoy a cozy atmosphere with our Portable Solo Stove Firepit, wood for sauna and fire pit, and 4 Adirondack chairs for relaxation.


At Spaulding Sauna, we're committed to seamless sauna experiences. Book now and embark on a unique wellness journey – Rent, Relax, Renew!


Picture a serene Adirondack haven, nestled by the side of a pristine lake. The sun's warm embrace paints the sky with hues of gold as it sets beyond the horizon. Towering pines sway gently, lending their soothing whispers to the scene.

In this captivating landscape, a Finnish Style Barrel Sauna stands, seamlessly merging rustic allure with the splendor of nature. As day turns into evening, four friends gather around the sauna, their laughter weaving into the tranquil ambiance. The crackling Solo Stove Firepit casts a cozy glow, illuminating their faces as they lounge in Adirondack chairs, captivated by the lake's rhythmic serenade.

Stepping into the sauna, the world outside gently fades. Heat permeates, releasing the day's stress. On the tree deck, they absorb the earth's energy beneath their feet. A quick cool-down shower awaits nearby, a refreshing interlude. Under the stars, the friends share stories, their connection deepening amid the sauna's embrace.

In this Adirondack haven, nature's grace and the mobile sauna's luxury converge, creating a space of unity and renewal. An evening to cherish, a memory to relive – an idyllic escape from the everyday.

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