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Aboveground Pool Liners

Not all above ground pool liners are the same. The boxed liner weights of a 24'R pool liner from different manufacturers can weigh quite a bit different. Gauge and mil do not mean the same thing. We have been working with GLI Splash liners and The Liner Doctor's Premium liners for many years. These are some of the best on the market.

Liner Doctors Liners- 20 year limited Warranty- 3 year full  (Willow Creek) or 25 year limited warranty-5 year full (Lexington and Concord/Seaview)

The Willow Creek Premium Liner comes standard with our Fantasy, Coliseum and Monument Aluminum Wall pools. Optimum Pools come stardard with Concord/Seaview. An upgrade can be made to the other patterns.

Why Choose a Liner Doctor Liner?

  • Willow Creek comes with a standard 20-year limited warranty- 3-year full/ 17 year pro-rated.

  • Concord and Lexington come with a standard 25-year limited warranty-/ 5-year full /20 year pro-rated.

  • Standard Liner Doctors Extended Protection Program – includes a $500 freight, water and labor allowance for any manufacturing defect associated with the liner

Splash Liners- 20 year limited Warranty- 1 year full/ 19 years prorated

These liners are standard with our Sahara, Chesapeake and Super Nova Steel Wall pools. An upgrade can be made to the Liner Doctor Premium Liners.


Overlap Liner

Blue Slate Streamstone

Ask About the Benefits of adding Armor Shield


Armor Shield provides an important protective layer between a vinyl swimming pool liner and its sand or soil base. Unlike traditional foam padding, Armor Shield is a Polypropylene Geotextile blend that minimizes cuts and punctures to the vinyl liner caused by rocks, roots, grass and even GLASS! Armor Shield also reduces convective heat loss and provides a comfortable floor pad for the comfort of pool goers.



  • Placement of Armor Shield under vinyl liners to protect against cuts, punctures, and abrasions resulting from exposure to rocks, roots and even glass!

  • Inherent and durable resistance to all acids, alkalis, salt(s) and oils.

  • The incredible strength of our proprietary “tear guard” weave.

  • A comfortable floor pad to cushion the feet of all pool goers.

  • Smooth and consistent seams that eliminates wrinkles in liner.

  • A technology of product that reduces and controls convective heat loss.

  • An ecologically-friendly product.

  • Pre-cut patterns to accommodate the most popular size above ground pools sizes and selections

  • A full one-year warranty

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