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Optimum Aluminum Swimming Pools

Spaulding Pool & Spa has been installing above and in ground pools for decades in the North Country of New York. The Optimum pool is versatile enough to fit any size yard as a round or oval aboveground, semi in ground or full in ground pool.

The Optimum

A new state of the art of residential pool.

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Round Pools

16', 18', 21', 24', 27', 30'

Oval Pools

16' x 24', 16'x28', 16' x 32'

18x30, 18x34

Why Aluminum Pools are Best

All of the pools listed above are aluminum walled pools.  When considering material choice for your pool, aluminum is the clear winner. Swimming pools made of extruded aluminum are the best choice for value, strength, and long-lasting enjoyment for your pool.


Here's why; 

Corrosion Resistance.

Aluminum's very atomic structure makes it resistant to rust and corrosion. The combination of soil, minerals, water and pool chemicals can wreak havoc on other pool construction materials. Because of its chemical composition, aluminum stands up to those tough conditions.

Total Reliability

Aluminum is so reliable that many other industries use it for their most important projects. There's a reason that aluminum is the material of choice for the airline, automotive and construction industries. Fighter jets, skyscrapers, scaffolding and bridges - aluminum is the material people trust with their lives.


Incredible Strength 

Pound for pound, aluminum is twice as strong as steel, and even stronger compared to resin. When it comes to retaining the pressure of thousands of pounds of water, aluminum is always up to the challenge.


A pool is an important investment. Make certain your pool is up to the challenge.